Content Marketing has been significant to the success of businesses for many years. Regularly dropping content via email, social media, webinars — with videos, blogs, podcasts, tips quotes, and so on work well.

The premise is to give as much value as possible, so the business grows a following of people who love their stuff. Eventually making it easier to sell to them. It’s a great representation of what Marketing is in the 21st-century.

Marketing should be an investment. A business invests $1,000 today, with a view that it will get a return of $2,000+ of customers from that marketing over 30–90 days.

And it’s the same with content. Content is about giving, giving and more giving. Sure this is also a nice thing to do generally, helping people. But undeniably the reason businesses do it is for the long term investment.

Content is significant with every strategy I devise for my own clients. But content alone is not enough to create the value needed. Oh no.

Whilst so many businesses out there right now as I type will be posting content, not all of it will truly be valuable.

And this isn’t because the information they’re sharing just isn’t very useful. Because it will be, guaranteed.

But what truly makes content valuable and thus more successful for businesses using this marketing strategy is action.

Businesses are experts in their field — allowing them to give advice to their audiences on those matters. But information alone is just not that valuable. Why?

Because information only truly becomes of value to people if they put it into action. It’s one thing for a business to share tips about how X, Y and Z will make people healthier.

But it’s a completely other matter to share how to actually implement X, Y and Z. By not giving actionable points, the information is largely useful to people. And so audiences will not warm to the business as much as expected and as quick.

So, in order for content marketing to truly be valuable and make the entire strategy actually successful — a business must share actionable steps too. Sure, this will take more time to put the content together — but one piece of valuable & actionable content is worth more than ten pieces which are not actionable.

Take the time, assemble a content plan that provides actionable steps to ensure the content is much more valuable — and reap the benefits.

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