STOP Looking For Clients & Customers

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: April 28, 2020

If you run a business of any shape, size or niche — then you will have products or services you offer and sell to your target audience. Perfectly straight forward way of doing business, right?

But what if I told you to stop looking for clients & customers?

You must think I’m crazy! How on earth can your business survive, never mind develop and scale?

What I suggest you look for instead, are partners. And I don’t mean business partners, other shareholders, affiliates, agencies and so on.

I mean actual partners.

Think about it, what are partners? Partners form a partnership, which is a long term, mutually beneficial relationship. We often think of them for romantic relationships and friends.

But your business should find them for a different reason.

By seeking out new clients and customers, you’ll get exactly that — people who come and go, buy once, maybe a few times. If you’re lucky, a small % will love your brand and stick by you for life and become raving fans — they’ll shout about you to all of their friends (for all of the good reasons).

But if you look for partners instead — people who will want to do business with you for a very long time, who care about you and know you care about them, that have each other’s back and are dedicated to each other.

Now wouldn’t they make for great customers & clients instead?

Sure, you’ll always get some partners who don’t stick by you, maybe their feelings about you change or maybe you let them down one way or another.

But partners are more likely to last long term, than any standard customer and client.

Just by changing your view and perspective, and start seeking long term clients & customers i.e. partners, you’ll find them!

And because they’ll stick by you longer, it means you need to find less of them than you need to find one order customers.

I can also guarantee you that by expressing in your marketing, communications etc. that you’re seeking partners, people who will stand by you and who you will stand by too, you’ll find them!

There are many clients and customers out there waiting for a business to look at them and treat them like a partner — and not just a source of money.

Seek partners, not clients and customers — and your business will prosper beyond belief.

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