Cold Calls, Cold Emails, Cold Selling. They give me the chills just thinking about them!

And two decades ago, cold marketing was a staple of most businesses. Why? Because it worked. But not because it was strategic or well thought out. Because it was easy, and at the time there was no alternative.

OK, so calling at 100 doors, or ringing 100 random phone numbers and trying to sell to whoever answers isn’t easy. But the concept, the strategy, was. It was all about numbers. Ring enough bells, call enough numbers, and anybody would eventually make a sale. Then rinse, repeat and upscale. Easy!

But this kind of marketing has no replace in the modern world. Look what has happened in the last two decades. Mobile Phones, The Internet, Emails, Google, Websites, Social Media, PPC Ads.

The marketing that has spanned from all of this technology & innovation does one thing that cold marketing could never do. It allows precise targeting of perfect and ideal target audiences. Those people most likely to be interested in what a business has to say and offer them. Thus, conversion & sale rates increase.

Acquiring leads to sell to via the phone, in person etc is also so much easier. Leads are captured using lead magnets and other methods that ensure only the ideal people become leads.

Whilst qualified, these leads can still be fairly cold. But businesses can bring out the oven! When speaking with clients, I always refer to a lot of marketing as putting people in an oven to warm them up.

Via things like valuable content, email campaigns, etc. a business can warm up qualified but cold leads, eventually turning them into buyers.

There is absolutely no need for any cold marketing of any kind today. None. Nobody wants to be treated like that, contacted at random and sold to by a business they’ve never heard of.

I still get the occasional cold caller at my home. I often get interrupted walking through my local town centre by sales people. I get calls from different companies nearly daily.

It baffles and infuriates me. There is no need for this kind of marketing in the 21st-century. It has had it’s time, and it did its job. But it’s time for cold marketing and businesses to warm up!

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