What if I told you that your business was sitting on a untapped gold mine that could consistently generate you more profit, month after month?

Sound’s great right? And it’s true. But what is this gold mine you’re sitting on?

One Word

Eight Letters

Brace yourself…

…it’s called;


That’s right, your database that you’ve been building up of leads, prospects and other contacts through Marketing that you haven’t sold to yet, is an untapped gold mine.

Sure, you’ve tried to sell to them before — but maybe it was the wrong time, or the wrong product, or the wrong price for them.

Does that mean give up and accept you won’t get any money from these thousands upon thousands of contacts?

Absolutely not!

You wouldn’t give up so easily if your business was struggling, why give up so easily on the opportunity to maximise your profits!

The problem I’ve found with businesses sitting on untapped databases, is that they’re too focused on bringing in new contacts and selling to them within 3 months. If they don’t, they’re just left there — maybe getting the odd piece of marketing, but no real attempt to sell to them.

Russell Brunson, founder of Click Funnels and easily one of the biggest sales & marketing geniuses in 2019 claims that a business should be making A MINIMUM of $1 per contact/email address on a database, PER MONTH.

Based on that, which is an absolute minimum, if your business had 10,000 contacts on your database, you should be making $10,000 a month at least!

Would an extra $10,000 a month sound good? Of course!

And you don’t need to pay to market and acquire them because you’ve already done that — you now need to identify their needs, and offer a solution that fits.

Don’t let the contacts sit in your database neglected, left to fade away and forget that your business even exists. Start mining that gold mine every single week.

Invite them to webinars, free events or other valuable content — get them engaged, give value and then, and only then, offer a great product or service to them.

Sure, 99% of your database probably won’t buy, but the 1% that do can still be massive.

Now I’m not saying businesses should not focus on adding to their database, and try to acquire more contacts and prospects. They absolutely should.

And it’s easy too — put together a great lead magnet, run some Facebook Ads to some well targeted audiences and capture their email. It’s possible to get emails at $2 each or under. Based on Russell’s $1/month/email, you’ll get your money back and start making profit in just 2 months.

To summarise then;

Focus more on getting sales from your existing database and don’t just neglect it and leave it to rot away. You spent good money to build that database!

And at the same time, keep adding to that database every day by offering valuable free lead magnets to capture emails — and then start to get your money back from them.

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