More things impact your marketing than meets the eye…

Marketing encompasses and impacts on so much in a business. It makes sense then that other parts of business impacts marketing too — sometimes negatively.

Marketing will bring you new leads, prospects and ultimately new customers and clients. But that will all be to waste, if what proceeds it is neglected. I’m talking about customer service.

Customer service is something that should not be underestimated. A business that has great marketing, can still do badly if its customer service lets it down. Not only does bad customer service mean new customers/clients can be lost, it also means that marketing has a harder job.

As The Marketeer, I would always encourage focus on marketing — but customer service mustn’t be neglected either. Here are 4 customer service mistakes that are hurting your marketing, and ultimately your business.

Mistake 1: Hold Please

So you’ve just launched a new marketing campaign and it’s a huge success. You have people ringing up wanting to talk to somebody about buying your product/service. Or maybe you have lots of new customers who want to talk with somebody and get some service.

Both scenarios are amazing positions to be in — thanks in no small part to marketing. But then your callers get put on hold. Perhaps the person they need to speak to is busy or unavailable. Perhaps there’s just so many people calling and not enough resource to handle it.

If this goes on for too long, or happens too frequently, your prospects and new customers/clients will start to lose faith. The amazing marketing that brought them to you, ends up being for nothing.

Mistake 2: Stay That Tongue

You know what, the customer is not always right. But does that mean they should be treated rudely? Tempting as it may be, no, no they shouldn’t.

Whatever they throw at you, don’t ruin your reputation by stooping to their level. It needs to be enough to know that you are right, you don’t need to tell them or to convince them.

It will be easier to hold on to complaining customers, than it is to get them to come back after you’ve been rude to them. All customer service personnel must know this.

Mistake 3: What Problem?

No matter how much your marketing portrays you to be, your business is not perfect. No business is, nor any person. That said, burying your head in the sane when you mess up or when there’s a problem with a customer is the worst thing you can do.

Instead, put your hands up, acknowledge it, and do all you can to fix it. If the customer decides to leave, at least you tried and they know you did. There’s still a chance they will return in the future.

But ignoring a problem only makes it worse, and makes it bigger. And ultimately it will lead to escalation and a customer leaving you. The only difference is it will be nigh impossible to get them to come back to you, ever.

Mistake 4: Simon Says

A business that avoids mistakes 1–3 will still end up with customers wanting to leave, and demanding a refund or exchange. When this happens (not if), don’t take it personally and don’t bury your head in the sand.

This could potentially be the last interaction you have with this person — do it right, and you may get them back one day. Do it wrong, and you’ll never see them again.

So don’t make customers jump through hoops, follow long instructions and procedures to get a refund. Give it to them, smoothly and without fault. They’ll remember you more for that than the reason they want it in the first place.

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