The blending of these three elements should dictate how you market your business

There is no magic bullet or formula to perfect and successful marketing. It’s not just a case of for example: having a website, having social media, going to an exhibition, doing this, doing that.

Businesses must approach marketing differently to any other, depending on certain factors. It’s these factors that are completely unique to that business and no other.

The three elements are:


The audience — who the business is trying to sell to. It’s important to know the audience in great detail, creating a picture of their life, emotions and drives.

By failing to understand this, any marketing carried out will be targeted at a broader audience — 99% of which would never buy what a business is selling. No marketing should be carried out without understanding the audience.


The most obvious of the three elements. No business would try to market themselves without fully taking into account what they’re trying to sell. That said, it’s important to not miss it out.


Of the three elements, this is probably the least expected. It involves the goals of the business and its owners. Now you probably think that the goal is to sell more. And sure, that is probably ONE goal. One of many. When the business was first founded, the owner would have had goals that they wanted to achieve and which the business would be able to deliver on.

Understanding these goals are critical. By not taking them into account when doing marketing means they’re unlikely to be achieved. Even a business that makes a strong profit can still be a failure, if its goals have been missed.

Different marketing will support different results, meaning goals may or may not be achieved. Don’t do any marketing without first taking the goals into account.

Next Steps

With these three elements identified and outlined, a marketing plan then needs to be written up that takes all three into account. The plan will identify marketing that will:

  • Target the ideal target audience and be able to reach them in a cost-effective manner
  • Best represent the product/service for sale
  • AND ultimately lead to the completion of goals

Any marketing that fails to take all three elements into account is not likely to be a success for the business.

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