21st August 2020

Social Media: Paid vs Organic

Businesses can use social media organically (free) or for a cost, but which is best and why?
Marketing General
17th August 2020

Why businesses NEED to see Marketing as an investment and not a cost

How marketing is perceived in a business can make or break that business...
Marketing GeneralStartups
14th August 2020

The 9 Skills Every Online Startup Needs

There’s no denying that any Startup needs a number of essential things in place from day one in order to even get off of the…
Marketing General
10th August 2020

4-Fast Track Marketing Temptations You Need To Avoid

It's often tempting to take a faster or easier route - but here's 4 you should avoid when it comes to your marketing
7th August 2020

The Four Highest-Performing Marketing Emails

Emails come in all shapes and sizes - but there are 4 that perform the best
Marketing Strategy
3rd August 2020

Heroes & Sidekicks: Client Positioning & why you’ve been getting it wrong

If your business and your client was in a comic book, what roles would you be? You might be surprised...
Marketing General
31st July 2020

Make Your Product Fit Your Audience – Not The Other Way Around

It’s no longer the case that “if you built it, they will come”. It’s no longer enough to simply have a product or service in…
Marketing General
27th July 2020

Emails ARE NOT dying, and here’s why

Gurus claim emails are dying - but they can't be further from the truth...
Marketing Strategy
24th July 2020

Why Using Questions In Marketing Is So Powerful

I must ask you a question... do you ask questions in your marketing?
Marketing General
20th July 2020

A Startups Handbook To Social Media

A handy social media guide for startups
17th July 2020

5 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Ads

First up, you want to Ad maximum value to your Ads. By that I mean giving away free information that will be extremely useful and…
Marketing GeneralMarketing Strategy
13th July 2020

Direct Mail — It’s Making A Come Back

In a world of digital marketing - people are wanting something a bit different...
10th July 2020

5 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still one of the best ways to market any business - here's 5 ways to improve your email marketing performance
Marketing GeneralMarketing Strategy
6th July 2020

The Untapped Sales & Marketing Goldmine Every Business Has

This one marketing asset can change it all for a business...
Marketing GeneralMarketing StrategyStartups
3rd July 2020

Startups: Do This One Thing Before Doing Any Marketing!

So you’re starting a new business. You have a great idea, and have put together one or more products or services to offer. These products…
Marketing General
26th June 2020

5 Giveaways To Use In Your Marketing

Giveaways are a great way of building leads - here's the best 5 giveaways you can use...
Marketing General
22nd June 2020

The Hidden Magic of Google & Youtube Ads

There are many ways to advertise - but Youtube & Google are a lot more special...
Marketing GeneralMarketing Strategy
19th June 2020

5 Ways To Capture & Share Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials are so powerful in marketing - here's the best 5 ways to capture them
Marketing General
15th June 2020

Cold Marketing Should Warm Up!

Cold Calls, Cold Emails, Cold Selling. They give me the chills just thinking about them!
Marketing GeneralMarketing Strategy
12th June 2020

It’s Critical To Measure All Marketing – Regardless Of How Little Or How Much You Do!

Measurement is critical to all areas of business, from costs, to performance, employee satisfaction, sales and of course — Marketing!
Marketing GeneralMarketing Strategy
8th June 2020

7 Steps To Successfully Selling For The First Time

Selling, it’s an essential part of any successful business. Whilst online sales and ecommerce are at an all time high, there is and always will…
Marketing General
5th June 2020

Marketing – It’s Not About Shouting The Loudest Anymore

Once upon a time, Marketing & Advertising was just about shouting louder than your competitors. Making the biggest claims, the boldest statements, and the most…
Marketing GeneralSales Funnels
1st June 2020

5 Reasons Your Startup Needs A Sales Funnel

So you’re starting a business or have started one recently. Congrats by the way! A website will surely be on your to do list, if…
Marketing GeneralTestimonials & Reviews
29th May 2020

The 3 Steps To Amazing Client Testimonials

Today, I want to take a deep dive into what makes a testimonial amazing. Whilst testimonials in general are great, I’ve found that testimonials that…
Marketing GeneralStartups
25th May 2020

A Startups Guide To Linkedin

When a business first starts out, it’s important to leverage as much organic (free) marketing as possible- and social media is a great way of…
Marketing GeneralMarketing Strategy
18th May 2020

Free Free Sell: The Email Campaign ANY Business Can Use To Sell To Their Coldest Leads

The goal and purpose of Free Free Sell is to warm your coldest leads and prospects up. I often get strange looks from clients when…
Marketing General
15th May 2020

What Makes A Winning Call To Action (CTA)?

With CTAs being so vital, it’s incredibly important to get them right — so you get the maximum results (maximum actions) taken from them. In…
11th May 2020

The Best Way By Far To Grow Your Email List

Emails have grown to become a huge asset for any business. By having as many as possible (obtained ethically and legitimately) a business is able…
Marketing GeneralPPC
8th May 2020

3 Ways To Ensure You Only Target The Right People With Your Facebook Ads

Targeting is one of the biggest factors that influence the success of any marketing & advertising. Failing to advertise to the wrong people leads to…
Marketing GeneralPPC
4th May 2020

The Pay Per Click metrics you need to watch

Today I want to talk about stats and KPI’s. If you’re running ANY marketing, you need to have a good grasp of your stats and…
Marketing GeneralMarketing Strategy
1st May 2020

Two Free Plus Shipping – Does It Still Work?

Before I reveal the answer, let’s dive in to what 2 Free + Shipping actually is. In short, it’s a marketing strategy that involves selling…
ContentMarketing GeneralMarketing Strategy
27th April 2020

What Makes Content Truly Valuable

Content Marketing has been significant to the success of businesses for many years. Regularly dropping content via email, social media, webinars — with videos, blogs,…
ContentMarketing General
20th April 2020

When Is The Best Time To Publish Content?

You’ve put together some amazing content. Maybe it’s a blog. Perhaps an email. A post for social media. Even a video. Whatever it is, you’ve…
Marketing General
13th April 2020

STOP Looking For Clients & Customers

By seeking out new clients and customers, you’ll get exactly that — people who come and go, buy once, maybe a few times. If you’re…
6th April 2020

The Only Way To Get Great Results From Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads — easily one of the best ways of generating cost effective, high quality leads and sales. Being able to precisely target your perfect…
Marketing General
30th March 2020

Email Marketing Best Practice

Email stands as one of the best marketing methods available in the 21st-century. Every person and his dog has one or more email addresses and…
Marketing General
16th March 2020

The 3 Sources Of Traffic

In any business you want to aim to get traffic from all 3 sources and as you’ll soon learn, each source actually supports the others.
Marketing Strategy
2nd March 2020

Stop Selling Your Business, Sell Moments Of Truth

Your marketing messages should not be about your business...
Marketing General
17th February 2020

Client Experience Matters

If businesses started to focus more on the experience, the lives of it’s owners, it’s team and other stakeholders, and of course the lives of…
Marketing GeneralMarketing Strategy
3rd February 2020

How To Increase Sales Making One Small Tweak To Your Marketing Message

It's crazy how one small change can have such an HUGE impact on sales - but it does!
Marketing General
20th January 2020

Pillars of Marketing and Why They’re Vital To Your Business

You wouldn't live in a building with one pillar, why run a business with only one pillar of marketing?
Marketing General
6th January 2020

The Two Email Campaigns Any Business Should Be Running

Every business has a list of prospects/leads, and a list of customers. So we have two email lists full of people who have something holding…
30th December 2019

3 techniques to get your Facebook Ads noticed more

Getting your Facebook Ad noticed is critical - here's the best 3 ways of doing this...
10th December 2019

9 Key Components Of Facebook Ads

There are a total of 9 key components of all Facebook Ads that determine their results...
2nd December 2019

The 4 Highest Performing Facebook Ad Types

Facebook Ads come in all shapes and sizes - but there are 4 in particular that perform by far the best...
Marketing General
18th November 2019

The 5 Steps To Creating An Amazing Lead Magnet

If you want to really create a great and effective lead magnet, there are 5 steps you need to take.
4th November 2019

5 Phrases To Stop Using In Your Email Marketing

In a world where a person is advertised to on average 300 times a day, there’s no wonder people are sick of seeing the same…
Marketing GeneralMarketing StrategySales Funnels
21st October 2019

Funnels: The Marketing Tool No Business Should Be Without

If you ran a business two decades ago, you’d hear a lot that you needed to get a website — it’s the latest thing, essential…
7th October 2019

What Type of Webinar Works Best?

Webinars are a great way of creating leads & sales - but which type is best for you?
Traditional Marketing
23rd September 2019

The Difficulty With Non-Digital Marketing

Marketing & Advertising are basically split in two halves. You have Digital Marketing, and Non-Digital. The difference between the two are clear. But there is…
9th September 2019

Events: Free vs Paid

Events - Free vs Paid, which is best for your business?
26th August 2019

The Five Most Common Facebook Ad Questions I Get Asked

I get asked a lot of questions about Facebook Ads - here's the most common 5...
Marketing GeneralPPC
12th August 2019

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting The Results You Want From Your PPC Adverts

By understanding the 5 reasons, and most importantly taking action on them, will allow 99% of businesses to profit from PPC ads. Let’s dive in…
Marketing GeneralMarketing StrategyWebinars
29th July 2019

Always Have Enough Leads: Use On Demand Webinars!

It’s critical to achieve a balance to ensure there’s enough leads to constantly feed a business, but not too many that they’re squandered or too…
Marketing Strategy
15th July 2019

Hook, Story, Offer — A 3-Step Framework to Craft Your Marketing Message

All marketing needs to follow this 3-step framework in order to maximise your results...
Marketing Strategy
1st July 2019

“Do you want to large that?” A marketing & sales lesson from McDonald’s

McDonald's uses this strategy, why doesn't your business?
Marketing General
17th June 2019

Does SEO Even Matter Anymore?

Or has it become just an over hyped, over priced way of driving traffic to your websites & funnels?
3rd June 2019

The Problem With Showcasing Your Business At Exhibitions

Exhibitions bring thousands of targeted and qualified people to one place, where you’re able to showcase your business for a price. They’ve been running for…
Marketing General
20th May 2019

Unique Selling Points Are No Longer Unique

Unique Selling Points (USP’s) have long been seen as being an essential part of any new businesses framework, with the USP’s dictating marketing and sales…
Marketing General
6th May 2019

Why Coca-Cola Still Advertises

A question I get asked often from my clients is “is there a point where a business & brand has grown so much that they…