The Only Way To Get Great Results From Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads — easily one of the best ways of generating cost effective, high quality leads and sales. Being able to precisely target your perfect audiences using FB Ads is absolutely amazing. If you’ve never used them before, please, PLEASE start today. You won’t regret it! That being said, there are countless “Gurus” out there who will promise you the secret of getting amazing results from FB Ads. They’ll claim to have unlocked the perfect …
STOP Looking For Clients & Customers
By seeking out new clients and customers, you’ll get exactly that — people who come and go, buy once, maybe a few times. If you’re lucky, a small % will love your brand and stick by you for life and become raving fans — they’ll shout about you to all of their friends (for all of the good reasons).
5 Phrases To Stop Using In Your Email Marketing
In a world where a person is advertised to on average 300 times a day, there’s no wonder people are sick of seeing the same marketing messages.
The 3 Steps To Amazing Client Testimonials
Today, I want to take a deep dive into what makes a testimonial amazing. Whilst testimonials in general are great, I’ve found that testimonials that follow a set 3-step structure do the best, and you’ll see why.
Stop Chasing New Business, Start Keeping Old Business
When it comes to the marketing and advertising of any business, there is one mistake that I see all too often — focusing on getting new customers. The truth is, businesses that focus too much on getting new customers, miss out on a huge opportunity that could truly allow them to scale in size in a short amount of time.
Client Experience Matters
If businesses started to focus more on the experience, the lives of it’s owners, it’s team and other stakeholders, and of course the lives of their clients, will all be amazingly better!
5 Giveaways To Use In Your Marketing
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Events: Free vs Paid
Events – Free vs Paid, which is best for your business?
Pillars of Marketing and Why They’re Vital To Your Business
You wouldn't live in a building with one pillar, why run a business with only one pillar of marketing?
4-Fast Track Marketing Temptations You Need To Avoid
It's often tempting to take a faster or easier route – but here's 4 you should avoid when it comes to your marketing
The Hidden Magic of Google & Youtube Ads
There are many ways to advertise – but Youtube & Google are a lot more special…
The 3 Sources Of Traffic
In any business you want to aim to get traffic from all 3 sources and as you’ll soon learn, each source actually supports the others.
3 techniques to get your Facebook Ads noticed more
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How To Increase Sales Making One Small Tweak To Your Marketing Message
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Four Pages Your Website Has That Nobody Cares About
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Direct Mail — It’s Making A Come Back
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5 Ways To Capture & Share Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials are so powerful in marketing – here's the best 5 ways to capture them