January 4, 2022
Predictions For 2022 - All Things Marketing, Events & Webinars

To start the year off with a bang I wanted to share my predictions for the next 12 months with regards to marketing, events & webinars.

Now, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I really do think we can accurately predict some of the things that are going to happen this year judging by how 2021 went.

Big changes rarely happen overnight – they’re a cumulation of lots of small changes over time.

In total I have 4 predictions for 2022.

Doesn’t sound like a lot, but each has the potential to change the face of marketing events & webinars forever.

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August 17, 2021
3 Things You NEED To Know Before You Run Your First Ever Webinar Or Event

Running your first ever webinar or event is a HUGE milestone, and not one that should be overlooked. The opportunities that will present itself going forward are enormous!

That said, it’s not all smooth sailing from here. There’s still a lot you need to get into place before you can start taking advantage of all of those opportunities.

In particular, there’s things you need to know BEFORE you run your first webinar or event, before you even start promoting it.

These cold hard facts must be understood and reacted to. And if you don’t? Then your first ever webinar or event may well be your last!

Success in your first webinar or event is what’s at stake, and today I want to reveal these 3 facts so you can make sure success is all you experience in your first and subsequent webinars and events.

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August 10, 2021
Do This BEFORE You Create A New Webinar Or Event

Webinars and events; they’re a proven form of transforming your list and leads into paying customers and clients.

The process of hosting valuable webinars and events jam packed with important information and content, in order to warm people up to you making them easier to convert, is well practiced.

And yet, many experts, speakers and trainers fall at this hurdle. They recognise the importance of webinars and events, but miss something very critical out.
And what’s the result of this?

• Less people show up, and those that do are not very engaged and not their ideal target audience

• They then convert less customers and clients as a direct result

Today I want to share with you the very critical thing you must do BEFORE you start creating any webinar or event. This is essential to ensuring your webinar or event is successful and not a complete waste of your time, energy and resource!

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August 3, 2021
5 Reasons You Need To Use Facebook Ads To Promote Your Events & Webinars

When it comes to promoting your events & webinars, the good news is you’re not short of options. There are literally hundreds of promotional platforms and tools you can use to get people to sign up.

But the bad news is, not all of these platforms and options are worth doing.

Over the last 5 years I’ve tested hundreds of different promotion methods to discover which ones do best, and which do worst. That way I could focus my time, energy and clients money, on the best methods – maximising signups and minimising cost. Win-Win!

After doing all this work I’d say there was about 25 or so methods that do best. The other 100s? Don’t even bother with them. Save your time and your money.

Of these 25 top methods, there is one that stands out by far for me; Facebook Ads.

I’ve been able to use Facebook Ads to fill clients events and webinars again, and again (and again!).

And you can too. So to help you realise the potential Facebook Ads offers you, here’s 5 reasons you need to use Facebook Ads to promote your events & webinars.

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July 27, 2021
5 Steps To Running Successful, Profitable And Popular Events & Webinars

What does it take to run successful events and webinars?

Events and webinars that bring you as the host and presenter a lot of money on the day, and long afterwards. Events and webinars where you can literally change people’s lives, make a huge impact and give tonnes of value.

Well, It’s a question I get asked often. And with good reason.

Afterall, unlocking the key to successful events and webinars doesn’t just allow you to run the odd webinar here and there, and to host the occasional event. No, it allows you to run as many of them as you want – time after time – allowing you to keep making a big impact in the lives of people, whilst making big bucks too.

I’ve seen businesses absolutely explode in success because they got this right. Sure, they had my help to do so, but still – you get my point!
Having helped businesses fill their events and webinars for over 5 years, I know what it takes to run them successfully and profitably! Over and over, time after time. They just keep coming.

And today, I want to share with you the formula that I believe works the best. Because I’ve seen it work, and I spend my time getting it to work with clients.

This formula can be split into 5 different steps that must be followed one after the other. You can’t do step 2 until you do step 1, and you shouldn’t even try. They each feed on each other.

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