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19 Golden Rules Of Facebook Ads

19 Golden Rules Of Facebook Ads

Having ran FB Ads for clients over 5 years and spending nearly £2m in ad spend, it’s fair to say we’ve learned a lot about Facebook Ads.

 We’ve learned what to do to get large numbers of high-quality, cost-effective leads, prospects, customers and clients… and just as importantly – we’ve learned what NOT to do too.

 So, we’ve compiled a guide covering our 19 Golden Rules Of FB Ads.

Rules that we use each and every day to spend thousands of pounds on FB Ads for our clients.
Rules that, if followed, will help you to get more for less out of your ads regardless of your niche, industry, audience and message.

7 Reasons Why Your Cost Per Lead From FB Ads Is Too High… And How To Fix It Fast

Maintaining an acceptable cost per lead using FB Ads isn’t easy. There are many internal and external factors that impact your cost per lead, and understanding them is critical to enabling you to fix it fast… and get your cost per lead down.
In this guide we share the 7 reasons why your cost per lead from FB Ads is too high, and how you can fix it fast so you no longer have to put up with high cost per leads.
7 Reasons Why Your Cost Per Lead From Facebook Ads Is Too High

25 Of The Best Ways To Promote Your Event or Webinar

Over the last 5 years we've tried and tested 100’s of different ways to promote events and webinars. Some ways we still use to this day because they’re AMAZING. Others are not worth bothering with. Take our learning and discover the 25 best ways to promote your event and webinar.

5 Effective Methods For Getting MORE People To Show Up To Your Event or Webinar 

Over my 5 years of experience in helping experts fill their events, webinars and challenges, I’ve tried & tested dozens of different methods to increase attendance rates. Some failed miserably. Others’ worked a treat (and still do). Take my learning and discover 5 effective methods for getting more people to show up to your event or webinar.

The 9 Key Components For Running Facebook Ads For Your Webinars And Events 

We spend 365 days a year managing Facebook Ads promoting webinars and events for clients. They’re the first thing we do in the morning, and the last thing on a night.

We know what it takes to run successful Facebook Ads for webinars and events. In total there are 9 key components of the ads you need to be aware of if you are successfully going to use them to promote webinars and events.

And in this guide we share what those 9 components are!
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