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The UK’s market leading portfolio builder and property educator was able to continually fill their webinars and virtual events during and after lockdown 

Whilst many businesses buckled and retreated into their shells when the first lockdown was announced, The Insight Group with Aran Curry simply adapted by offering more webinars and virtual events, making up for being unable to run in-person events.

After running some of the most successful webinars in the companies long history of running webinars, they knew they were onto something;

Aran Curry hosted all of the webinars, and the combination of his passion, desire to help and inspirational demeanour allowed him to consistently convert sales every single time – making profits on the night of each webinar.

The leads were then passed onto the sales team who over the next few days spoke with the attendees (and non-attendees), converting many and making even more additional sales.
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We needed a way to bring new blood to our webinars and events – but not just once, or twice, but time after time: month after month. Dan was able to do this for us
Aran Curry,  The Insight Group


March 2020 - Ongoing
36,036 Registrations across live, pre-recorded, and evergreen webinars
Cost per registration: £9.39

Virtual Events

January 2021 - Ongoing
4,769 Registrations across multiple live, pre-recorded, and evergreen webinars 
Cost per registration: £18.47

Live Events

Febuary 2020 - March 2020
646 Registrations 646 registrations across 4 live venues
Cost per registration: £20.01

Other: Leads via Lead Magnet

March 2020 - Ongoing
1,400 Leads across multiple live, pre-recorded, and evergreen webinars
Cost per registration: £3.57
The Insight Group could only promote their webinars to so many, the 30,000 or so people in their database. And many of them had already registered and attended.

They needed a way to continually feed more and more people into their webinars and database, continually creating leads for the experienced sales team whilst making a profit due to the optimised selling carried out on the webinar. 

With our many years of Facebook Ads experience, we were able to create and operate large-scale ad campaigns designed to attract new high-quality people to webinars as often as 5 times a week. 

With the combination of the high-performance webinars, sales team, and stream of new registrants and attendees – The Insight Group was able to do what few other businesses could at the time: Grow, prosper and above all – help as many people as possible during the difficult times. 

Since February 2020 The Marketeer has continued to help The Insight Group with Aran Curry fill their webinars, virtual events, and even in-person events (pre-lockdown).

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Where I mentor you 1:1 weekly for 6-months to help you to fill your events and webinars
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