Suzanne Dibble

The Small Business Law Expert

How The Marketeer helped to break the record of the largest Challenge Suzanne has ever run

Suzanne Dibble, The 'Small Business Law Expert' author of GDPR For Dummies and former lawyer to Sir Richard Branson, has an immense passion to help small businesses. To do this, Suzanne relies heavily on challenges, webinars, and events that allow her to not only help small businesses, but to also create leads and get customers/clients who invest in her legal support services including templates, group mentorship and more. 


In order to continue to run successful and profitable webinars and events, three things were required:
Large numbers of brand new registrants & attendees - 100s and 1000s
Of high quality – those most engaged, most likely to turn up, take action and buy
Cost-effectively – creating an evergreen flow of profitable and high ROI webinars and events
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"I'm hugely passionate about helping and supporting small businesses & startups. I've seen far too many fail in their first few years due to gaps in their knowledge on legal matters and in particular protecting their business legally from external threats.

Whilst this is a unique service, small businesses are heavily sought after by many other advertisers - ranging from sales and marketing services, to accountants, recruitment, and so on. 

This has always made it challenging to target small businesses with our webinars and challenges, and get them on board cost-effectively.

That is, until I started working with The Marketeer, with whom I've developed a partnership and friendship with. Since then The Marketeer have been helping me to fill my webinars and challenges, cost-effectively, with 100s and 1000s of small businesses.

In fact, in January 2022 I ran my biggest ever challenge (which I called a Sprint) thanks in no small part to The Marketeer who got just over 2,000 small business owners signed up in just a few weeks - which was DOUBLE the target number of signups at HALF the cost.

I look forward to working with The Marketeer for a long time to come, as I continue to tirelessly work to serve and support small businesses in the UK.
Suzanne Dibble
The Small Business Law Expert


January 2022-Ongoing
2,733 registrations across multiple challenges
Cost per registration: £6.24


January 2022-Ongoing
596 registrations across multiple live webinars
Cost per registration: £8.84

Other: Leads via Lead Magnet

December 2021-Ongoing
1,158 Leads
Cost per lead: £6.91


In order to deliver these requirements, a number of challenges were overcome:
Ensuring the costs were kept low even when quantity of registrants increased, and the audience pool of potential registrants decreased
Countering the impact of the 2021s iOS changes leading to smaller audience pools, inaccurate and unreliable tracking and higher costs
Providing large registration/attendees numbers, cost-effectively, in a very competitive and saturated market where many advertisers are fighting for the attention of small businesses and startups
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Daily Facebook Ads was and continues to be the best solution to providing webinar and challenge registrations in of high quality, in large numbers, and of low cost
Statistics were communicated daily with 24/7 access for support on Slack, as well as occasional zoom calls to plan future webinars and challenges, share ideas and give as much value as possible
Landing pages were constructed and improved wherever required to counter the challenges as they presented themselves
Copy and images were crafted as required
A strong partnership and friendship was formed, with passion and commitment to deliver the best results and a mutual passion for helping small businesses

There are two ways I can help to fill your events, webinars, and challenges

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