What results can you expect from working with The Marketeer?

We will take you on a journey...

Whether you own a business, or are responsible for your employers marketing, you’ll have two things right now:

This could be more success, more sales, more profit, growth, a great return on your advertising spend, clients/customers, etc.

Perhaps the industry or market you’re in is too competitive. Perhaps you haven’t the time or the experience to do marketing the right way. Maybe you’re not sure how best to spend your marketing budget to get the maximum return.  

The truth is Marketing is the key to unlocking the potential of any business. But when done incorrectly, it can be the one thing standing in the way. This is something we understand very well, having carried out marketing for businesses for a decade. 
Over that time, we’ve developed a proven formula. Before any effective marketing can be strategised and carried out, three elements need to be clearly identified. 

What the products & services are, how they can help people, the ultimate results they achieve for people.

For example, a piece of clothing isn’t just an item. It’s giving the wearer confidence. 

Just who exactly is the target audience. There is well over 20 pieces of data that determine precisely who a business needs to sell to. 

No matter how good a product or service is, a business will sell if it tries selling it to the wrong audience. 

The goals of the business. This will dictate the overall direction of the business and determine what success looks like.

It goes above and beyond the short term of breaking-even. 

With these three elements in place, we can put 
together a marketing plan that;
-Best sells your products/services
-To the right audience
-And achieves your goals
What results can you expect from working 
with The Marketeer?
What results can you expect from not taking 
action on your marketing?

You will get and continue to get as many customers/clients as you can handle, leading to growth and expansion opportunities.

You’ll be able to have spare money to invest in new products/services, a larger team, better technology and growth opportunities.

You’ll get more bang for your buck, so you can afford to acquire more customers/clients faster. 

You’ll have the money and resources to grow your business: Hire more, expand your product/service range, get a bigger store/office and expand to other markets. 

People will start to recognise your business more, and know what you do and what you stand for. This will lead to more referrals and customers/clients coming from word of mouth. 

You’ll start to achieve the goals you set out when you first went into business. In fact, you may decide to start making other goals as your business heads to the next level. 

As a successful business, you’ll be able to give back to the world and the community in which you operate. 

You’ll miss out on opportunities to win new customers/clients, and in turn generate less sales and profit: maybe even making a loss.

Profit may decline and lead to periods of time where you make a loss. Cash flow may also be poor. 

You’ll continue to waste money in advertising that is not effective enough – it may even make you a loss!

Growth will be difficult to achieve, with periods of stagnation if not decline. 

People won’t recognise your business or know what it does. All of the benefits of having a brand people recognise will be missed. 

Everything you wanted to achieve when you first went into business will appear far away and out of reach. 

No matter how much you’d want to, you won’t be able to give much (if anything) back to the world and the local community. 

"From the first month we’ve seen an increase of 200% in the numbers of subscribers (clients) we’ve been getting, and I hope to continue working with Dan for a long time. I recommend you work with Dan, you’ll not regret it!"
Marc Louvion
CEO of VirallyBot