How I Can Help You


When it comes to filling events and webinars, you want to achieve 3 things:

1. You want high-quality registrants

people who are action-takers, who are your ideal target audience, and those who are most likely to buy from you

2. You want to get as many registrants as possible

it’s simple maths: More registrants = more attendees = more sales, prospects, clients, and customers

3. You want to pay as little as possible per registration

that way you maximise your return on and after the event/webinar


Right now, you may be getting 1 of these 3 things – maybe even 2. But to get all 3 simultaneously is hard. That’s why it’s taken me years to master the art.

Not only can I bring high-quality registrants, in large numbers, at a low cost for one event or webinar – I can do it over, and over, and over. For as many events and webinars as you want.

The services I offer are very hands-on and time/resource-intensive. I have to be constantly vigilant in order to ensure I’m providing quality – quantity – cost-effective – webinar and event registrations.

That said, it’s so worth it when I see the results. Take my client in the Property Investment industry. I’ve gotten them over 40,000 event and webinar registrations in the last 12 months alone!

If you want my help to fill your events and webinars, there are two ways I can help you: 


Where I create, run and, optimise Facebook Ads daily for at least 3 months into your events and webinars for you






Where I mentor you 1:1 weekly for 6-months to help you to fill your events and webinars



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